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we are a local family owned and operated company, providing professional Carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and Tile and Grout cleaning.

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Carpet cleaning is an essential part of maintaining a healthy home. Not only does it remove dirt and stains, but it also helps to extend the life of your carpet. However, finding a dependable and affordable carpet cleaning service can be a challenge. Fortunately, our company offers quality carpet cleaning services that you can rely on. We use the latest equipment and techniques to clean your carpets deeply and thoroughly, and our friendly staff will take the time to answer all of your questions. In addition, we offer competitive rates and flexible scheduling options to fit your needs. For the clean you expect and the service you deserve, call us today.

Our Reviews

Linda SemroLinda Semro
17:32 20 Oct 22
What a wonderful job. Will have again. Carpet was really dirty and now it looks new. Great great job
Savanna BlairSavanna Blair
15:29 30 Aug 22
Andrew did an amazing job and left me with some helpful tips! I am so happy to have found such a great company! I will be booking again in the future!
Marla MurphyMarla Murphy
17:37 25 Aug 22
ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS JOB!! Everything looks SOOO much better & Andrew is so nice & polite & professional — he always goes the extra mile to be careful of the furniture & walls too!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! 👍👍👍
Tara MarsanickTara Marsanick
11:49 15 Jul 22
I initally used this business because they were local I was not disappointed. They did an amazing job. They were very professional and wanted to make sure I was happy with the results. They were right on time, explained what they would be doing then got to work. What has taken me 2-3 hrs with a Rug Doctor only took them 1.5 hours and it looks at least 10 times better. They were friendly and very affordable. I will be having them back within the next few months to do my furniture and tile floors. I'm extremely satisfied with this service. I would highly recommend.
Logan DixsonLogan Dixson
22:11 03 May 22
Very happy with the quality and effort they put in to get my carpets cleaned on a short notice! Would recommend to anyone and would definitely use them again!


The amount of time it will take for your carpets to dry can vary depending on a few factors, but typically you can expect them to be completely dry within 3-4 hours.

One factor that will impact drying time is the type and quality of your carpets. Thicker, higher-quality carpets that are well insulated may take longer than thinner, lower-grade carpets because they absorb more water. In addition, if your home has poor ventilation or humidity levels are high then this could also slow the drying process.

Another important factor in determining how long it takes for your carpet to dry is the method used when cleaning them. Hot-water extraction (also known as steam cleaning), for example, often results in fast drying times due to its ability of breaking down dirt quickly and extracting large amounts of moisture from the surface during rinsing cycles using powerful suction machines at high temperatures. If you opt for a low moisture or “dry” carpet cleaning instead then this could help reduce drying time even further – potentially just 1-2 hours!

We ask that our customers remove small items from floors and pre vacuum large debris. 

We also ask that you provide a driveway parking spot for are work van, preferable the closest spot to front door.

we also ask that pets be put away if possible.

we typical will move light weight furniture upon request but we reserve the right to refuse to move furniture that is heavy or dangerous to move.

if your a senior citizen or have physical disabilities and need assistance with furniture moving please contact us @ 417-217-6433.

The frequency at which carpets should be cleaned depends on several factors, including how much traffic your carpets see and what type of carpet you have. Generally speaking, carpets in high-traffic areas should be professionally cleaned every 6 to 12 months. For other areas that don’t get as much foot traffic, a professional clean every 1 to 3 years is recommended.

Carpet fibers can trap dust and dirt particles deep within the pile, leading to an accumulation of debris that’s difficult to remove with routine vacuuming or spot cleaning. These particles may lead to an increase in allergens in the home environment which can cause respiratory issues for those with allergies or asthma. Additionally, dirty carpets may become stained more easily than clean ones due to the dirt acting as a dye fixative when liquids are spilled on them. Therefore, regularly scheduled professional carpet cleaning services are key for maintaining healthy air quality levels and extending the lifespan of your carpets!

In order to keep your home smelling fresh and looking its best while keeping allergen levels low it’s important that you maintain your carpets through regular deep cleaning treatments by professional carpet cleaners according to manufacturer instructions (which could range from 6 months up). Doing this will not only preserve their colors but also improve indoor air quality!

This information was provided by Dan’s Carpet Cleaning in Palm Desert California!

The reason why grout gets so dirty is because of the porous nature and texture of the material itself. Grout is made up of a combination of cement, sand, and water that form tiny pores or holes in the surface. These small places trap dirt, dust, grease, oils, dirt particles from shoes and other areas; even pet hair can get stuck in these tiny holes. With every step we take on them they become more prone to collecting dirt due to their open surface texture.

Over time this accumulation causes grout to look grimy and uncleanable no matter how much you scrub or mop it – which can be an annoying experience! But not to worry! There are ways you can make your grouts look like new again without having to replace it completely. One way is hiring a professional cleaning service who specialize in cleaning tile floors – as they have specific tools required for deep-cleaning that aren’t available for regular use at home (such as steam cleaners). This will help remove all types of stubborn dirt from your grouts that are difficult for common household cleaners to reach – leaving your tile looking beautiful again!

Thanks to Safe n Soft Carpet Cleaning for sharing these tips on how to get your grout looking like new again!

When selecting a carpet cleaning company near me, it’s important to find one that is experienced and knowledgeable in the industry.

First and foremost, make sure you are dealing with a reputable business – ideally one that has been around for several years, as this will generally indicate good service. Ask your friends, family members or colleagues for recommendations. You can also check customer reviews online to determine the quality of service provided by local companies.

Once you have narrowed down your search to a few local carpet cleaning services, take time to ask questions about their experience in the industry as well as what kind of products they use and if these meet safety standards established by regulatory bodies. Make sure they are properly insured for any damage or accidents related to their work on your property so that you won’t be held financially responsible should something happen during the job.

Also consider asking if technicians from their company carry certifications from acknowledged organizations such as The Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration Certification (IICRC). This proves that staff members at the organization have passed rigorous examinations regarding best practices within both equipment operation knowledge and usage of cleaning solutions/chemicals according to health regulations set forth by each certification body mentioned above. Moreover, ensure that they provide documentation showing proof of chemicals used so you know exactly what was used on your carpets while undergoing maintenance services along with timestamps detailing when performed making quality control easier overall when evaluating results post-cleaning session(s).

Finally, ask them exactly how much they charge based on your specific needs including square footage etc., different packages offered beyond just basic “deep cleaning” services such as pet urine treatment/sanitizing etc., warranties available for added protection over extended periods – all further ensuring better long term value vs short term gains only after completion due diligence up front ensures optimal satisfaction throughout entire experience especially since investing money into getting carpets cleaned up should be considered an investment rather than just another expense!

Yes, you should absolutely get your upholstery professionaly cleaned! Regular and proper cleaning of the furniture upholstery in your home is essential to its longevity. Not only will professional cleaning help keep it hygienic and looking great but it can also extend the life span of your furniture’s upholstery fabric significantly.

The process of professional upholstery cleaning begins with a comprehensive inspection by a qualified technician. The technician will look for any signs of damage or soiling and determine the type, construction, fibers, colors, soil conditions and age before choosing the correct method of care that needs to be performed on your furnishings. Using specialized tools such as vacuums with HEPA filters or dry-cleaning methods depending on the fabric type, professionals can effectively clean all areas including crevices that are otherwise hard to reach. Once cleaner has completed their work they may go over each piece one more time for extra assurance that all areas have been completely cleaned efficiently and safely. 

Special thanks to Rise and Shine Cleaning Services for sharing this information with us

Cleaning tile and grout can be a tedious process, which is why it’s important to understand how frequently it needs to be done. The frequency of tile and grout cleaning depends on many factors, such as foot traffic in the area, whether liquid is usually present and the types of products used for maintenance. Generally speaking, professional tile and grout cleaning should be performed at least once per year, but high-traffic areas may benefit from regular cleanings twice annually.

For best results a professional service should always be considered in order to safely remove dirt buildup without causing damage. A qualified technician will utilize specialized equipment that sprays a mixture of extremely hot pressurized water and soap onto your tiles and then immediately vacuums it away with industrial strength suction power all while agitating the surface with a powerful brush ensuring dirt is scrubbed away from deep within pores of your tiles & grout lines eliminating bacteria & mold growth before they become an issue.

Deep carpet cleaning is a professional service that provides an in-depth clean of carpets and other flooring materials. It often involves the use of specialized tools and chemicals, as well as extensive suction power to remove deep-seated dirt and debris from even the most difficult-to-reach areas. Additionally, many companies use powerful steam cleaning machines to further sanitize fabrics, killing bacteria, dust mites and other contaminants for a truly thorough cleaning job. By using deep carpet cleaning professionals on a regular basis, homeowners can rest easy knowing their carpets are not harboring any unseen allergens or dirt that could potentially cause allergies or harm their family’s health down the line. Furthermore, properly cleaned carpets maintain their like new appearance longer than if they were simply vacuumed every so often – thus making them more durable over time too!

Thank you to Quikdry Carpet Cleaning for sharing this information!

Mold and mildew mildew are both types of fungi, however there are some key differences between them. Mold is a type of fungus that grows in damp environments on organic material such as wood, paper and food products. Mold has a slimy texture while mildew is generally powdery or velvety in texture. Furthermore, mold reproduces by forming spores which can spread through the air to other areas whereas mildew does not produce any airborne spores and usually only reproduces within the same area it was found.

The color of mold ranges from white to green or black depending on the species, while mildew is typically greyish-white or yellowish-white in color. In terms of removal, due to their different compositions mildew can often be removed with just water and detergent whereas mold will likely require professional treatment such as surface cleaning with bleach or an anti-fungal cleaner.

When it comes to finding a reliable carpet cleaning service near me , there are several important things to consider. Firstly, do your research and look for reviews of the company online. Make sure they have plenty of positive feedback from previous customers that demonstrate their professionalism and quality of work.

Another tip is to pay attention to the qualifications and certifications that carpet cleaners possess. Look for professionals who are certified by organizations. These organizations require that carpet cleaners stay up-to-date on their training, ensuring they use verified methods in their work.

Also, choose an experienced cleaner with years of experience in cleaning carpets correctly and effectively. Experienced cleaners know how different materials respond differently to different methods and chemicals used during carpet cleaning – this knowledge allows them to clean a larger range of fabrics safely without damage or discoloration. In addition, experienced cleaners understand the best techniques for removing dirt and stains depending on what kind it is as well as preventing future staining like pre-treating carpets before shampooing them or using specific products before steam cleaning carpets as a preventive measure against re-soiling quickly after treatment ends.

Big thanks to Advanced Steam Cleaning for providing us with this answer!

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